2nd Round Election May 2023

Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India

(The National Sports Federation of Kabaddi)

Affiliated to International Kabaddi Federation, Asian Kabaddi Federation and Indian Olympic Association Recognized by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Government of India

1. Orders on Objections / Representations etc.
2. Preparations for Elections of AKFI as per the directions of Hon'ble Delhi High Court.
3. Notice of AGM 7th May 2023
4. Venue of the Meeting on 7th May 2023.
5. Notification of Election by RO
6. Nomination Form [Form-2]
7. Withdrawal Form [Form-5]
8. Corrigendum to Notification of election by RO
9. Electoral College [Form-1]
10. "Electoral College" - Amended as on 27.04.2023 [Form-1]
11. List of Nominated Candidates [Form-3]
12. List of Validly Nominated Candidates [Form - 4]
13. List of Contesting Candidates [Form-6]
14. Revised List of Contesting Candidates [Form-6] Alphabetical order
15. Stay Order of Hon'ble Delhi High Court dated 04.05.2023 in WP(C) 5803/2023 - Elections dated 07.05.2023